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Gnomzy - help a small sprite to defeat the evil!
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Gnomzy is a great free arcade game with amazing graphics and a very complete story behind it. You will play a gnome named Gnomzy, who discovered a book, wich showed Gnomzy, Voodoo plans for conquering his village; Voodoo is an old evil conqueror who controls an horde of orks, and that has previously tried to conquer the village. The book also showed that the power of the orks was once controlled separating many black jewels that together restore the orks powers. You have to travel and destroy all the black jewels on your way, but be careful because near the jewels you will allways find orks. At the beginning of the game you will have to type your name in order to create your character, also you can choose the difficulty level and at the options section you can configure the screen, sounds, controls, tips and story. In the help section you will find the complete story eventhough you can read it at the beginning of the game and between stages. In order to destroy the jewels and the orks all you have to do is to jump over them, and to control gnomzy just use the arrow keys in your keyboard. Enjoy this amazing and fun game.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Great graphics and very creative story


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